Campaigning to make our bars, pubs and clubs sexual harassment free zones.

Shout Up! is a project devised by Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland in 2017, it aims to end sexual harassment in the night-time economy.

Northamptonshire is the first region outside of Newcastle to roll out Shout Up! By adopting a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment, bars pubs and clubs become safer places for women and men.

ShoutUp! Northamptonshire, in collaboration with Northamptonshire Rape Crisis, trains staff and certifies venues as sexual harassment free zones.

Together, we will end sexual harassment in Northamptonshire’s night-time economy!

71% of women of any age say they have experienced sexual harassment in public spaces.

63% of women and 26% of men have experienced sexual harassment on a night out.

How does Shout Up! support venues?

  • Shout Up! trains staff to understand sexual harassment, to notice when it happens and to intervene when necessary.
  • Shout Up! delivers bystander intervention training and helps venues to write and implement their own anti-sexual harassment policies.
  • Shout Up! provides resources to market your venue as a sexual harassment free zone, committed to creating safe and fun environments for everyone.

How can you become a Shout Up! certified venue?

  1. Apply to become a Shout Up! venue here
  2. Participate in the Bystander Intervention Training
  3. Train all staff members with online training resources
  4. Complete a sexual-harassment policy

Find out more about becoming a Shout Up! venue here.

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