Abseilers raise over £4,000 to fund future services

As demand for our services continues to grow and sources of funding continue to disappear, we’re constantly looking for new ways to raise essential funds to continue providing our service to the thousands of people who need our help and support each year.

This, in a nutshell, is how we found ourselves standing at the foot of the National Lift Tower in Northampton on Saturday 18th May, looking up 418ft to where we were about to step out from, and wondering what on earth we had let ourselves in for!

Our team of 12 wonderful abseilers who brave enough – or mad enough – to take on the world’s tallest permanent abseil structure, included staff, volunteer counsellors, trustees, colleagues from partner organisations as well as family and friends of our team.

Together they raised a brilliant £4,400 – the equivalent cost of providing 176 counselling sessions for those who need our help and support in recovering from crimes of a sexual nature.

This was our first experience of organising a community fundraising challenge event and it won’t be our last, as we now hope to make the abseil an annual event.

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who took part and all friends and family who came to cheer them on – you all made the day a huge success.

If you like the look of our photographs and would like to take part next year, then please get in touch!

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